Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Fools contd.

So as the day went on and I continued with my pranks my oldest daughter got her fingers smashed in the door by the youngest daughter. So our day change, it went from a day filled with fun tricks to a day spent in the immediate care getting x-rays making sure fingers weren't broken. Thankfully they weren't broken but we did miss out on our last day of spring break festivities. Now they're been extended to today and tomorrow. We were supposed to rollerskating then go to this awesome chicken finger place called The Village in Schaumburg Illinois. Due to the injuries and the extended a visit at the ER, needless to say, we did not make those activities. So we will be going to The Village today, Saturday and rollerskating tomorrow, pending finger healing.

 But I did get one last prank in which was the girl cheese prank! One of my favorite to try and the kids fell for it. They did not want to eat grilled cheese is and I was like " Just eat it! I don't want to waste them! "They ate him and guess what it was cake and frosting!!!




It was good "grilled cheese!"
Hope you enjoyed your April 1st!


Friday, April 1, 2016

So the day begins!!!! APRIL FOOLS DAY, that is!!!

April Fools Day is here!!!! Prep work done, execution in effect!!!

Orange drink for breakfast 

"Bread" for grilled cheeses!!

Will it work???

What's wrong with the juice???

So fun!!!

Next to trick daddy!!
Grapes in the chocolate wrapper!!!

And here goes!!!!
THAT'S not chocolate!!
April Fools!!
More to come 👹👹👹

Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Fools!

Who's pranking their kiddos???? 

April 1st tomorrow!!!! 

Checkout some awesome pranks I found around the web and CAN'T WAIT to try...

Jello juice from


Wash off mustache!

"Grilled cheese"

Making the "bread" tonight!!!

Should be a good April Fools day!

Hoping to find some poppers for the pooper for the hubby to find!!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dub... what?! DUBSMASH!!!!!

Omg! So over our girls weekend I was introduced to Dubsmash! The best app I've played with in a while! If you're like me and haven't see this app, check it out! It provided us with a ton of entertainment! Check it out and post your dubsmash!

My 1st DubSmash!!!

You Can't Touch This

We Like to Party

After the girls weekend, I decided my kids needed in on this awesome form of entertainment...

Bad Boys


I'm loving DS. Post yours too!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

$5 DIY Halloween Wreath- so fun and easy!

Hello ALL!

I have a fun Halloween craft that is soooo easy, inexpensive and can be done in less that 30 min. It took me about 15 to make. So fast, sun and easy I made two and have the stuff for a 3rd! It'd be a great Halloween gift and easy enough for the kiddos. Definitely help them with the glue though! ;) Check it out below!

All my materials were from Dollar Tree but you could get them anywhere- JoAnns, Michael's, Hobby lobby, etc. You could add more or less given your taste!
All I used was a foam a foam wreath, 2 boas, a roll of ribbon, an owl and same bats. You will need hot glue to attach everything.

First, I wrapped the ribbon about the foam wreath. It gives a little color under the feathers in case the feather don't completely cover the wreath. This was not the best color to have but it worked. On my other wreath I used ribbon that was not see through.

All done...

Nest wrap the two boas around the wreath. I wrap them side by side rather than end to end. You need to hot glue each of the boa ends down, wrap and glue when fully wrapped. Before adding dabs of glue to hold feathers in place, fluff them to cover all parts of the wreath.

Next add in your main decoration. I added the owl here. It was a little tricky getting him to stick but with enough persistence and hot glue he stuck. And BONUS, he has light up eyes. SO I had to be especially be careful not to glue the on/off button. 

Next I had 2 clippy bats. I, actually, clipped them to the boa and did not glue them at all! They stayed perfectly fine!!!

Finished product:

And then, eyes- lit up!

Here is another one I made! This was the first then I thought, how cool would it be to share this cool, inexpensive craft with you!

Hope you enjoy! f you make one- please share! I love looking at other's crafts!!!


Monday, September 28, 2015

Ahhhh... It's that time of year...GROSS

School's back in session and we received the inevitable letter... Lice. I can already feel my head itch!!! Those disgusting little parasites that breed and live in human hair. SO GROSS. I will die if my children get those gross critters.

So I've read the Tea Tree oil is effective in thwarting off those little buggers. Here's an article:

Anyways, I'm using it as a deterrent. I've in the past put it in their shampoo. But tonight I forgot and blow dried Olivia's hair. Too late for the shampoo, so I decided to dilute it into a spray bottle. I don't want straight oil on my daughters hair but I don't want to send her defenseless. So... I diluted it with water. Yes- oil and water. Not sure how it would work obviously they separate. But, I was able to figure a quick solution. 

Grab them here:

I vigorously shook the spray bottle with a 4:1 water: oil mixture. Sprayed immediately on her hair, as I would hairspray. It smelled of Tea Tree oil which works for me! 

I'm not a scientist, just a mom desperate to not EVER have lice. This is my personal way to put my mind at peace. If you're like me, give it try- can't hurt.

I just got my bottle at the local Walmart by the vitamins. 

Good luck!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

DIY gifts for GiRlS wEeKeNd!

Looking for a way to add some fun to your Girl's Weekend? Check out what I made for my girls, we had a BLAST!

 SO we decided we needed a weekend away from kids, husbands, pets, etc. A girl's weekend was the way to go! So we all chose food to bring (which we ended up withe waaaaay to much food). Who want to bring to salads- blahhhhh. Two salad, freezy alcoholic beverage and cookies- YES! two salads- NO! Anyways, take a look at what I did! Hope you enjoy!

Treasured Memories! 
Here I took a dollar store notebook, embellished with stickers and bought mini pens. One for each girl! WE wrote down memories from the weekend in there. Everyone had reign over the book, therefore it's filled with a TON of memories!

Next up each girl got their own goody bag! Which included a- whatttt- SELFIE STICK! Dorks, I know. But we had fun with them! I picked them up a Amazon for $5 each. You can get them at Five Below if you have those near you! Also, a sleeping mask, flat plastic princess flask, Chap-stick, Kleenex, nail file, fun cocktail umbrella and w wine glass charm each with their own color high heel! 

And all but the Wine Charms from Dollar Tree!

I folded up a brown bag and hot glued the sides, finished it off witha black sparkly ribbon and a Girls Weekend tag!

All 6 of the ready to go!

Oh Shit Kit! For the next mornings! All inside a zip-loc bag with a tag at the top. 

Sunglasses, Visine, tums, body spray and mints!!

HOpe you enjoy your Girl's Weekend! We did!